Our first EDC Las Vegas Trip

Our first EDC Las Vegas Trip

I have been listening to EDM music for a significant part of my life and would listen to it all the time in my car on many rides to and from many places with my daughter.  As she grew older, she become more involved with the music and what it represented.  At the age of 15, she discovered the EDM festivals which I never knew even existed.  All she spoke about for 3 years was how she couldn’t wait to attend EDC Las Vegas 2017. She would hound me all the time about getting tickets and expressed how excited she was. 

When EDC 2017 finally came, we hoped on the plane and ventured out to experience our first EDC festival.  What an experience?  It was a mother/daughter duo going for our first time.  We stayed at Mandalay Bay and we really went all out.  Not only did we get the tickets but we got the bus tickets as well as purchased other items for our adventure.  I think we went overboard but what the hell it was our first experience and why not go all out. 

Upon entering the Las Vegas Speedway for the first time, it was incredible.  My daughter’s excitement was beyond what I expected and the feeling of being overwhelmed took a hold of us.  It truly is one of those stories in which you have the sense of wanting to cry because after so long of anticipating being at this event, we had finally arrived. 

It is overwhelming and the fact is, you do not even know where to start, what to look at or even where to go.  It’s like walking into a candy store filled with your favorite candies.  You have no clue as to what candy you want to take first.  That feeling describes what we felt. 

There are so many stages, so many different types of entertainment, there are many vendor tables and so many amazing people walking around with incredible outfits.  It’s a constant feeling of adrenaline from beginning to end.  Your heart starts to race and excitement rises once you see all the fireworks go off at the same time.  What a beautiful and miraculous site to behold. 

As spectacular as it was, I had to leave my daughter behind to finish off day 1 with her family who lives in Vegas.  I literally left the Speedway on the first night at around 4:30 am to just have enough time to go back to the hotel, shower and be on my way to the airport to catch a flight to California just to go shopping for 5 hours and be back on time to attend EDC day 2.  No sleep but hey this trip was for my baby girl to experience.  I literally just got back from the airport and my daughter was already hounding me to get ready to leave because in order to avoid the bus madness and long lines, we had to be on line waiting for the bus by 6 pm otherwise it was a mess. 

All dressed up and ready go we left for day 2 and once again the feeling never changes.  It was the same adrenaline, enthusiasm and love for what we were about to experience once again.  Feeling overly tired but excited, we walked around, saw many of our favorite DJs and had a blast.  I can’t lie at my age, I was ready to spread myself out on the floor and pass out but I did not.  We celebrated, danced, listened to awesome music and I sat my behind right next to a tent and a garbage bin.  Do not even ask why I did that but I was at a point that I saw something to sit on and I plopped.  I felt so bad and was ready to go home but I tried to stay.  Being up for almost 48 hours and my body was screaming.   Day 2 although super excited ended short and my daughter being the good daughter she is felt bad and we left early.  I tried to convince her to stay but she chose not to and in doing so she missed 2 of her favorite DJs. 

Day 3 it was all about my baby, whether I was tired or not this little one was going to stay and that is that lol.  Got to love my little rugrat.  EDC is an experience to be had.  Even if it is once in your lifetime, save up and just go.  The people are amazing, the vibe is intensely colorful and positive and there is a lot of love in the air.  People come together as one to celebrate life, love and diversity.  There are no worries here.  People actually give up so much to be there.  Some even go without paying rent just to experience it once in their life.  

If we could make this a yearly adventure, we would.  My daughter went again this year (2018) and hopefully we are trying to plan our trip to EDC 2019.  I hope I was able to give you a small glimpse at our happy place and I encourage you to spread your wings and be surrounded by a feeling of peace, love and Namaste. 

Until our next adventure…


Melinda G.  

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