Choosing a rave outfit can be hard as there are so many incredibly gifted designers and companies who are able to create beautiful masterpiece items. 

You have the ability to bring your idea to life but working with one of our many designers.  

In order to create the perfect rave outfit we will need the following information: 

Send us your ideas

You will need to decide on a color scheme or a theme.  Please attach or refer us to any inspirational photos you may have.  Email us your photos or links to sales@styleandrave.com

Do you create replicas?

Keep in mind, we will NEVER duplicate another designers style. We do not make EXACT replicas of past outfits or guarantee exact colors, trims or items. Everything depends on the current availability of materials and seasonality. We create each item by hand and items can vary. We also DO NOT guarantee that your theme will not be replicated in a similar manner. 

How much will my item be?

Once you have sent us your detailed description and inspirational photos and we have decided on the overall details of your item(s), we will be able to provide you with an agreed upon price.  

Payment Options:

Once we agree on a price, we will forward you an invoice from paypal to be paid in FULL immediately upon receipt. We will not begin creating your item(s) until your payment is processed and cleared. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, e-checks, and Paypal payments. If you are unable to pay with these methods, other forms of payment can be discussed.

How long does it take to create my order?

It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to create your item(s) from the date your payment is received.  Please note, during our busy times prior to the Summer Festival Season, during EDC and Halloween, we will require at least a 6-8 week notice.  This time frame does not include shipping time.  We do not ship internationally at this time.  

We email your a picture of your finished product

Upon completion of your item(s), we will always email you photos of your completed item(s).  

Changes in your order

Once you have reviewed your completed item(s) via email, you can request additional items or minor small changes if possible.  By doing so, this may change the original price depending on what you request.  You are entrusting us with your idea, and based on past bras we have designed, you have an idea of our design style so major changes will not and cannot be made. 

After decor is placed on the bra it is very tough to remove it, so in order to avoid extra charges please be clear when making an order.


All our orders are shipped with a tracking and signature confirmation.  Keep in mind, ground shipping can take up to a week and a half to deliver to your location so you will need to keep that in mind when placing your order.

If for any reason your package is delayed due to the weather or USPS issues, we cannot be held responsible. We are not responsible for lost, stole, or damaged packages.

Do we give refunds?

We do not give refunds.  When you are placing an order for a customized item, we are creating the item based on your preferences. 

How do I contact you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any mistakes, issues, concerns, or defects. Email us at sales@styleandrave.com

Want to be featured?

Don't forget to send us your pictures wearing your Style and Rave creations and/or tag us on Instagram @styleandrave

How do I clean my item(s)?

Our custom creations are delicate and are NOT intended for machine washing.  Please spot clean or in some cases take to a professional dry cleaner who specialized in jeweled clothing.  It is highly recommended that you hand wash with gentle soap and hang dry.  DO NOT under any circumstances dry your items in a dryer. 

In order for us to create your one of a kind items, please fill out the required information in FULL and email us at sales@styleandrave.com.  We cannot provide you with an estimate until your order form is completed. 

Bra Size:
Bottoms Size (S, M, L, or XL):
What type of bottoms: (tutu, half tutu, undies, garter belt):
Headbands:                                                                                                                Hair Piece: 
Fanny Pack:
Color Scheme:
Detailing (please be specific):
Date the outfit is needed by:
State the item(s) are being shipped to:
Also, please include any inspirational pictures, link to your Rave Outfit Pinterest Board or any sketches, etc. that illustrate your ideas.

How much do your outfits cost? 
Prices vary depending on sizing, materials requested, and amount of detailing.
-Custom bra's begin at $55 and go up depending on the amount of detailing you would like incorporated.
-Tutus (In sizes S, M, L, XL): $50
-Bustles - Half Tutu (In sizes S, M, L, XL): $50
-Fanny Packs are $50
-Headpieces begin at $15
-Full Floral Crowns: $35
-Garter Belts (In sizes S, M, L, XL): $35
-Garter Belts with fabric on sides (In sizes S, M, L, XL): $55
-Custom Corsets begin at $150
-Rave Belt begin at $35
-Armlets begin at $18
-Thigh Harness begin at $25
-Cuff Bracelets begin at $25
-Glasses begin at $25
-Leglets begin at $30
-Rave shirts begin at $20
-Any licensed patches, pendants, etc will be added at an additional cost.

Sizes Available? 
We work on bras from 32A through 36D. Larger sizes are available and extra padded push up bras may be purchased at an additional cost.
Corsets run from a size 32AA through 36DD. 
Our items are created with the measurements you provide to us.  If you are unsure about your bra size, we suggest you get measured before placing your order.  Victoria Secret offers this service for free.  Bra sizes may slightly vary depending on the amount of padding, push up as well as the form of the bra. 

For small sizes, we recommend that you choose to wear a color matching push up bra behind the decorative bra to provide you with a better fit and extra support. 

Washing Instructions 
-Our bras, bottoms, bustles, tutus, misc. accessories are delicate and not intended for machine wash.  Please take the time to spot clean or take to a professional dry cleaner, who specializes in jeweled clothing.
-Tutus, and other items using tulle must be spot cleaned.  In order to take out the tangles, you can place it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower.  The steam helps to untangle your tulle.  Gently run your fingers through the tulle (do not pull or stretch out individual strands).  This will help take out the tangles.  Hang dry only.  If you have a steamer be careful but you can also use it to take out the tangles as well.                                                                                                         -All other items except our jewelry and headdresses, please hand wash with gentle soap, hang dry, and gently brush out fur. 


Style & Rave

By placing your order you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions can be changed based on owners discretion.