Resources for Vets and First Responders

As a Child of a Vietnam Veteran, I hope to help fellow Vets and First Responders seek the help they need in any way possible.  I come from a family of Vets from the Military, Army and the Marines.  My father has also helped many fellow Vets receive the help they need as well as benefits and other sources.  

Unfortunately, we found that many Vets do not realize how much help they can receive and what they are truly entitled to.  Aside from the suicide or abuse hotlines, there are so many resources from buying a home, to getting a loan and many discounts you can receive from big stores and even airfare.  You can also have a pet and there are ways you can sign them up to be emotional support service dogs.  

Our Maltese is actually listed as an emotional support dog for my dad and they are practically inseparable. 

Suicide Prevention

PTSD Therapy

Support for Gold Star and Military Families

Service Dog Training and Assignment

Discounts for Family

  • Veterans Advantage 
    • Save on Flights, Many Stores such as Home Depot, Joann's, Lowe's, etc.  You can get up to 10% off your entire purchase.  
    • JetBlue Fights you can get 5% off for you, your spouse and your children.  Plus get 2 luggage's for Free

Real Estate Assistance

Airfare Assistance

Recreational Therapy


Fallen First Responder Support

Substance Abuse Support