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Bone Paw Pet Bandana

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We have created some adorable pet bandanas.  They are the perfect gift to your pet or someone who is a pet mom.  Spoil your fur babies.  

Our bandanas are double sided.  They all slip on over the collar.   There are openings on each end so you can easily slip the collar through.  The ability to slide the bandana over the collar eliminates the worry of possibly losing the bandana or it being ripped off by your pet. 

Tie ons  although cute and effective for some, may potentially be a choking hazard to your pet if they claw at it which may tighten the knot or it gets caught on something.  You can also lose it  as well because the knot may not be so secured.

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or dry flat. Iron when needed.

Made with 100% cotton flannel on one side and 100% cotton on the other.

Sizes XSmall to XLarge.  

Our pet bandanas are handmade so the measurements may vary slightly with each bandana.  The placement of the fabric pattern will also be different for every one of our items.